Cobb's Mercenary Crossbody Bag - MINI

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Clear acrylic pattern pieces. See-thru material makes placement, tracing, and cutting easy! All text and markings are engraved to ensure great performance. Markings won't wear off with use. 

This listing is for templates only. This purchase does not include instructions or visuals of any kind to complete a project. You can purchase the full pattern HERE. User must verify Pattern purchase history to order these templates. 

These items are made to order. In some cases, they will ship out the same day but expect a delay of up to 7 business days for shipping on all acrylic patterns. If you order hardware or other items and would like those items sooner, please check out for them in a separate transaction.

Choose from 2 options on this pattern: 

Option A) JUST THE CURVES!- This option provides templates for pieces that can't be cut from a cut list, i.e., no perfectly rectangular or square pieces for this option. If you prefer to cut perfectly straight pieces with a rotary cutter and ruler, this is the option for you. 


Option B) GOTTA HAVE IT ALL- This option will get you every pattern piece, even if it's perfectly straight. This option is for the person who wants all the pattern pieces completely labeled and no measuring with a ruler or guesswork.


Option C) Appliqué characters for this include a Skull, an Alien, and a Bow. This only includes the appliqué pieces and does not include any other pattern pieces.

*Before these can be added to your cart, you must upload an image of your pattern purchase from Zelinsky's Bag Patterns of Holding for verification. The uploaded image must contain your name and order number and must clearly show the name of the pattern you have acquired. The templates being purchased must match the pattern name in the uploaded image. If the image does not match, parts of your purchase may be canceled or refunded without notice.