Set of Decorative Rivet Spacing Templates

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Qty 1 = 1 set of 3 spacers, with ball chain for storage

*Final spacing is based on the measurements of 8mm cap rivets. This product can be used with different rivets but final spacing may vary.*

These templates were designed with 1 thing in mind: Taking the anxiety and guesswork out of decorative rivet spacing.

Placing lots of rivets in a row can be very stressful. A skewed rivet or uneven spacing can ruin the look of your creation. Measuring across an entire strap or bag is tedious and can easily lead to mistakes. Save time and reduce stress by grabbing the spacer with the right look. 

Steps 1- Select a template with the appropriate spacing for your project. 

Step 2- Line up your template to the edge of your project- Make sure your trajectory is straight! Mark your holes. If you need more holes than the length of your spacer, simply move it down, aligning some of your markings with some of the spacer holes (2 or 3 is fine). Fill the remaining holes in on your template and continue to move down until your design is complete. 

Step 3- Punch your holes, add your rivets and set them with your favorite tool of choice. 

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